Monday, August 29, 2011

Thanks for Asking

Our yoga studio has a tradition: if you're in class on your birthday, then the class will sing happy birthday to you during the most difficult posture, which makes this posture shorter.  On Friday my husband went to class and even though my mom has never been to yoga he convinced the class to sing happy birthday to "his mother-in-law."  So 50 people, my mom will never know, sang happy birthday to her on her birthday.

On Sunday we were taking yoga and the teacher asked me if my mother had a nice birthday.  She also asked what we gave my mother for her birthday (gift card to Anthropologie and a banana cake).  It just made me feel incredibly "normal" for the teacher to understand that my husband's mother-in-law is my mother.  I loved that she connected the dots, because stuff like that doesn't always happen to us...

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