Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pass the Snake

It's tough being a plant.  If the heat doesn't destroy them, my car said 111 degrees on my drive home from work, then Dooley will!  Dooley likes to attack the plants in our back yard, and then she also likes to bring portions of her kill into the house through the doggie door. I tell her to not bring stuff into the house, but she pretends to not understand me.

I don't mind picking up dead plants.  This past weekend while we were staying at my parents' house Dooley brought a crispy snake carcass into the house via the doggie door.  I told my husband to get the stick away from Dooley, and then he informed me it wasn't a stick it was a snake.   Then we told my mom to get the snake away from Dooley.  Yikes! One of my parents' Jack Russell Terriers probably killed the snake, it roasted in the hot summer sun, and then Dooley picked it up and brought it into the house.  My mom picked it up from Dooley and threw it in the trash, but then my father fished it out of the trash because he didn't want it to stink up the house and he took it back outside.  Thanks to Dooley it was a fun game of pass the snake!

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