Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Talk

Lately my mind has been thinking about adoption, and current events have provided fuel for my thoughts.

First, did you read in People magazine that it was a four year process for Sandra Bullock to adopt her son? If it took Sandra Bullock (a millionaire celebrity) four years to adopt, then how long will it take us regular folks?! Or how long will it take us regular folks that are homos?!

Next, have you heard of the new book The Other Wes Moore? It's about two men with the same name, about the same age, from the same neighborhood, being raised by single mothers, and one Wes Moore ends up a tremendous success and the other Wes Moore ends up serving a life sentence in prison. The difference is that the successful Wes Moore had a family that gave him different choices. When the successful Wes Moore was headed down the wrong path his family forced him into military school. When the other Wes Moore was headed down the wrong path there was no one in his family to force him to make different choices.

In some ways there is less rejection risk for gay guys to have a family if they go with surrogacy instead of adoption. However, the new book The Other Wes Moore leads to a compelling case of why we should adopt even if it's a very difficult process for gay guys. We could provide a child that is already here on earth a safe and loving environment in which they can grow and achieve their full potential. We are two college educated working professionals that have a great and loving family. If any child we adopt is headed down the wrong path, then we will force them to make different choices.

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