Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dress Code

My husband kicks-ass at his job. Last night we were invited to a recognition dinner because he was a top performer in 2009. The event was held at the main ballroom in the Four Seasons Hotel. Prior to the great recession his company sent people on all-expense paid vacations to Hawaii if they won this award, but in these still lean times the award is a free dinner at the Four Seasons.

The invitation said, "Please be prepared to dress for a special occasion." I said we needed to wear our suits, but my husband said we didn't need to wear suits. It was his company. It was his special recognition dinner. So I followed his lead...and I did not wear a suit...

When we arrived at the Four Seasons ballroom we were the only men not wearing suits. I can't believe I let my engineer husband pick our attire. It was funny because we were also the youngest people in the room by at least a decade and we weren't wearing suits, and the oldest people in the room were in tuxedos.

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