Monday, May 10, 2010

Like Butter

Yesterday we went to brunch with my husband's parents. Mimosas were served at brunch because we were celebrating! Since I was the designated driver, I got to drive my husband's mother's Lexus RX350 home. I have never driven such a smooth driving machine. It was as smooth as room temperature butter. I love my Toyota 4Runner, but it drives like a truck and her Lexus drove like a cloud floating above the Earth.

The hetero men I work with (like most straight dudes) are all excited about their fast cars. They like fast sports cars. When I came into the office today I started talking about how much I loved driving the RX350 and they just laughed at me. They said you have to either be a woman or a man over 50 years old to drive the RX350. They said if I bought one it'd be really gay. Lucky for me I am gay!

I'm going to go buy soon as I save an extra $50,000....(pause for me to do the mental math) Okay, I might be 50 years old when I can afford one. It was smooth. Like butter.

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