Monday, May 3, 2010

15 Years of Sucking Power!

Our vacuum cleaner went out. Instead of buying another one that is made entirely of plastic, cost a few hundred dollars, and only works for a few years we decided to buy an Oreck XL Platinum Pilot Plus vacuum cleaner. Both our mothers use Orecks, which means we already knew our Oreck is an impressive rug sucker, and we were also impressed that the Oreck we bought includes a 15 year warranty. Fifteen years! A 15 year warranty is impressive; as long as we take it into the shop for free annual tune ups, then it will be under warranty for 15 years. We will be 45 years old when this vacuum cleaner's warranty ends. Fifteen years is a long life for a home appliance.

Why don't more items have 15 year warranties? If they can do it with an Oreck, then why can't they do it with cars, boats, beds, appliances, etc. Think of how much less stuff we'd put into the landfills if most things we owned came with a 15 year warranty...

1 comment:

  1. Do you think my wife has a warranty on her sucking power because I don't think it has ever worked???