Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three-Oh Ski Trip

We're in Steamboat Colorado with my husband's parents. My husband turns thirty years old this week, and we're celebrating doing one of his favorite outdoor activities- snow skiing. We're getting a lot of snow in Steamboat. Visibility on the mountain is less than 20 feet at times. I am skiing blues (and blue-blacks) like a champion. I think I'm making my husband proud. I've only crashed and burned once in the parking lot walking to the lift (so that doesn't count) and once on the mountain. Skiing on fresh powder is tricky for me. Plus, I think I like to ski nice and easy; I'm not real aggressive on the mountain- just like in life. Right now I'm relaxing and watching the snow fall in the condo with my husband's mother while my husband and his father are doing their double-black diamond thing on the mountain. Life is good.


  1. That's nice, so nice.

    I'd like to be there with you (but not skiing - but you know that :>) )

  2. It's cold so you would like it!!