Sunday, February 14, 2010

Send Aunt P. Some Loving Energy!

I told you here some of the (many) reasons my husband's great aunt is a remarkable woman. She is also the last living person on my husband's side of the family from my husband's grandparents' generation; she is our bridge to a time line that includes the Great Depression and World War II and all the incredible happenings inside and outside our family since her 1926 birth. She has lived an interesting life at an interesting time in history. And right now she's in the hospital. If you're reading this post, then I hope you can send loving thoughts from your computer to Aunt P.'s hospital bed. Loving thoughts can only do good.

Hang in there Aunt P. and keep on fighting! Stay strong and be well. We're sending you love from Dallas to your San Fransisco hospital bed! We love you. We can't wait to visit you again...maybe this summer or in the fall?! Keep on fighting Aunt P.! We love you.

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