Sunday, February 14, 2010

Powerless for Two Days

We received a record amount of snow on Thursday in Dallas. We lost electricity for the most of two days. Lucky for us we have a gas fireplace in our living room, and we pulled the chase and a couch in front of the fireplace and we played card games (gin rummy and speed) and my husband read aloud by candle light Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol in front of the fire. Since we live in Dallas (in Lakewood) we kept thinking that the power would come back on- any moment. It was a reasonable thought since we don't live in the country- we live in Dallas. We actually enjoyed our two days without electricity. There wasn't anything to distract us- no TV, no Internet, no hot water, no light- it was just us together in front of the fireplace and it was lovely. The power was restored at midnight on the second day, and as we decamped from the living room we both discussed why we don't do this more often.

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