Saturday, February 6, 2010

Idol's Hope Johnson

Did you watch this week's American Idol? I was so touched by Hope Johnson's story. You can watch it on YouTube, here. Hope's words are so touching: "I didn't know we were poor when I was little. I thought a lot of kids didn't eat dinner. My parents would say: you're going to eat at school. I use to take food from my lunch tray home...I would give my brother my food. I felt like- there's always tomorrow and things are always going to be better. Just make it through the night. There's a lot worse things than just going without. There's a lot worse."

It makes me sad to know there are children hungry in the U.S.A. We shouldn't have hungry children in our great nation, and I am sorry that Hope and her six sisters and one brother had to go hungry at times. We can do better. I hope Hope does well in Idol's Hollywood week. I will be cheering for her!

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