Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Richard MacDonald

Ohmygod, Ohmygod, OHMYGOD!! I was introduced to the art of Richard MacDonald while in Las Vegas and his sculptures are absolutely stunning. I went to the gallery in Bellagio and at City Center every day while I was in town, because his sculptures excite my soul and make me feel more alive. I am alive! The story I was told is that MacDonald was commissioned by the creators of Cirque du Soleil because they felt he could capture the movement of Cirque performers in bronze statues. They were so amazed by his work that they now have galleries that sale series of his works to the public. (I love capitalism!)

This is a picture of my favorite sculpture. I think it's called Transcend II. If you saw it in person you would be amazed. It's beautiful. When I finally got the attention of an art consultant and started a conversation I told her this one was my favorite in the gallery, and she said it is one of the most special pieces in his entire collection. You can get a Richard MacDonald sculpture of $3,800, but this one starts at $44,000. (That's incredibly disappointing to know the price tag for the sculpture is $44K) The art consultant asked where I was staying, and when I told her MGM she was visibly disappointed; I guess if I'm staying at MGM, then I can't afford art? I hope they never sale out so I can visit this sculpture every time I'm in Las Vegas. Or maybe I'll win the lottery?! It was beautiful to see with my eyes.

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  1. That a sexy sculpture. It almost looks more like bondage than contortion.