Sunday, February 14, 2010

Painting Update

Almost, just about nearly, but not quiet...complete...we did not have electricity on Thursday and Friday so the painters were unable to finish painting the house. (It's been six weeks.) They have a few rooms to touch-up and then they have some track-lighting to install in our hallway. They are 95% complete and we think the house looks fantastic. It is exactly what we wanted: white and bright; our home is more interesting with all the beautiful shades of blues, grays, whites, and our red closets!

I will say that this project (painting every surface in our 30 year old house except for the floors) has clearly shown me why we should never get any plastic surgery. We've updated the colors of the house, our house is more current and less dated, BUT updating the color pallet has highlighted how out of place (dated) some other items in our house. Our ceiling fans, our bathroom counters, our bathroom fixtures, the most comfortable hand-me-down couch, and our window blinds all look dated and out of place in our freshly painted home. So the list of to-do's has grown. When we can afford it we need to replace these things. The lesson learned is that if you fix one thing, then you have to fix another and another and another...and pretty soon our house will look like Cher?! It's a never-ending improvement project. It won't look new, but it won't look old either.

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