Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beautiful Snow

My husband's mother took this photo with her iPhone during the great snow storm of last week, isn't it beautiful!


  1. Ahem....

    I sent you 84 beautiful snow pictures and not one made the cut for your blog. Not one?

    Oldest Son said 84 pictures was too many of anything, and I tend to agree. But it was so gorgeous I just had to take one more, then another, then another....84 times.


    If I had a blog, I would have posted some of my 84 pictures. THey were post worthy for sure.

    Youngest Son's Hubby - Can you show me how to set up a blog?

    Thank you.

    PS - The picture IS pretty.

    PPS -You might be thinking that you could not post mine because they were on Kodak Gallery - But I know your Hubby. He can find a way to do anything he wants when it comes to computers.

    I'm going to go look at my 84 pictures one more time.

    Good night.