Sunday, February 14, 2010

Give it Up!

It's been a long time since I've been this excited about a musical. And I am disappointed that I saw this fantastic show on the next to last night of it's month-long run. Back story: We were supposed to be in Austin this weekend celebrating the 30 birthday of our friend Kurt, but with the power outage and chaotic state of our house with the painters we sent our regrets to Kurt and his wife, and stayed in Dallas. We were unexpectedly in town this weekend and by chance our good friends had extra tickets to the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Dallas gala at the Wyly Theater Center. The gala included drinks, food, a silent auction, and tickets to the musical Give it Up.

The show closes tonight, but if you can find a way to get tickets tonight- GO SEE THIS SHOW! Two weeks ago my husband's parents saw this show and said we HAVE to see it. We thought okay but we didn't make an effort to see the show, because unless it's Wicked it's hard for me to get excited about musicals. My husband's parents were correct. This show is great. It's exceptional. This is how it's described on the Dallas Theater Center website: "It's Lysistrata meets High School Musical as Give it Up! gives Aristophanes' 2000-year-old groundbreaker a hilarious contemporary spin."

The cheerleaders and female students of Athens College with hold "giving it up" to the boys basketball team to encourage them to break their losing curse and win a basketball game. The tension builds as the cheerleaders refuse to have sex with their boyfriends, and the students reevaluate what's important- if we're not having sex then why are we together? In the end everyone learns to "give up" what's holding them back. The main message of the musical is to be yourself. My words cannot really describe this show- it's hilarious, it's energizing, it's just a fun (adult) experience. This show premiered in Dallas, but it really needs to get to Broadway ASAP.


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