Monday, February 8, 2010

Antique Roadshow Love

My husband's parents are mesmerized by PBS' Antiques Roadshow. We think they are about 25 years too young to care so much about that show, and sometimes we make fun of them for watching the Antiques Roadshow, nightly! For Valentine's Day (in retaliation) my husband's parents baked and decorated a delicious cake, gave us the Antiques Road Show game, and wrote us a poem inside our Valentine's Day card! We're so lucky! I am going to bring the game with us to play nonstop while we're in Colorado together. The cake was great- my husband's mother makes a killer cake and icing. But the favorite gift of the night is the poem they wrote to us...

Antique Roadshow
we love you so!
It's educational
don't you know!

Be careful what you
think is trash,
it could be exchanged
for major cash!

KERA is the channel
for us,
PBS is the one
you can trust!

So, don't poke fun
at your family now,
we're watching & hoping
we'll find a cash cow!

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