Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rules Are Rules

I've known my husband for over a decade now, and in those ten years I've followed his firm rule:  "You cannot have more dogs than people in a household."  We have two people in our household.  We have two dogs in our household.

This weekend I surprised my husband when I mentioned that after we have children, I plan to get another French bulldog.

He claims that his rule is not to encourage an equal number of people and dogs in a household.  His rule is to ensure you don't have a pack of dogs in the household.  My terrified husband is now trying to clarify his rule: we only need two dogs in the house!

No, no, no...you cannot change the rules ten years into the game.  I promise to not have more dogs than people, which means if we have five children, then we can have seven dogs!  After all, rules are rules.

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