Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mario Buatta

For Christmas, my brother and his family gave me Mario Buatta's new book.  It's a big book of the legendary designers work from over 50 years, and it's fascinating.  Not all of his designs are timeless, which is equally enjoyable as the timeless designs in the book.  It's a fantasy book, because Mario seems to decorate for families without budgets.  No matter how successful we become (even if we won the lottery) there is no way my husband will ever allow me to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on interior design.    I guess in this life I won't get to work with Mario Buatta.  That's okay, I'm having fun learning from his book.

Of course, when I added the two new koi tapers to balance out the twisted koi candelabra my parents gave us after our legal wedding in the fall my husband was not having fun.  My husband does not appreciate my expression of interior design; he thinks buying "stuff" is a waste of money.

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  1. Well, I am certainly having fun looking at it!!!
    Mom P