Sunday, January 5, 2014

A "D" or an "R"

My doorbell rang, twice.  The dogs were certain the house was under attack since the doorbell rang twice.  They were creating a barking commotion in an attempt to defend their home front.  I answered the door (only to prevent a third and fourth ring of the doorbell) and simultaneously held back the killer 18-pound French bulldog and the very, very loud mutt.

The little old man ("LOM") on our front porch looked at me and acted like we were friends...

LOM: "Mr. [my husband's last name]!"

Me: "No, I'm Mr. [my last name]."

LOM: "Do you live here?"

Me: "Yes."

LOM: "Oh, I guess Mr. [my husband's last name] moved away?

Me: "No, he lives here too."

LOM: "Oh."

[silence - not counting the dogs.]

LOM: "Are you a "D" or an "R"?  (I don't really like boiling things down to a single word to describe any part of me, and I especially don't like using a single letter to describe myself, but I wanted this conversation to end and I didn't want to find common ground with the unprepared Little Old Man that rang my doorbell twice....)

Me: "I'm a "D".

LOM: "Oh, well I can't help you.

[more silence]

LOM: But can you give this to Mr. [my husband's last name]? I have him listed as a Republican.

Me: "Yes."  I closed the door as the Little Old Man was telling me that he's campaigning for the man on the flier.  Did he think I was stupid?

I couldn't wait to tell me husband that the GOP has his name!  Neither one of us are registered with any party, and in Texas to make sure your vote counts often times you have to vote in the Republican primaries, which is how my husband must have ended up on the GOP's list.  Of course, the fourth bullet point on Don Huffines for Texas Senate flier is "Protect traditional family values," which is code for "Gay citizens do not deserve equal rights."

So, this guy is not getting my vote.

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