Monday, January 13, 2014

As it Should Be

Road trip!  We loaded up the dogs and dropped them off at my husband's parents house on our way to a fast trip down and back to Austin.  We were celebrating the wedding of my husband's college/post college roommate.  She is Indian-American and her husband is Polish-American, and the wedding was the most delightful combination of the two cultures.  The groom's mother (along with all the other women in the wedding party) wore a sari.  The bride, as a tribute to her mother, wore her mother's wedding sari down the aisle, and then the bride changed into a heavily beaded sari for the reception.  I really enjoyed the bright colors and beautiful flowers at the wedding and reception.  The wedding buffet included both Indian and American and Mexican dishes.

We are living in a new age.  Just as my husband and I, two men, got married, an Indian-American who's Muslim can marry a Polish-American who's Christian.  It was a joyous event.

I'm a big fan of adding food trucks to wedding events- it's starting to be a new trend.  This bride had a small wedding cake, and then at around 10:00 PM a cupcake food truck arrived outside the reception hall.  It was a fat kid's dream (my dream) when a cupcake truck shows up with unlimited FREE cupcakes.

One story I never heard previously:  Both my husband and the bride were part of the Ultimate Frisbee community in college, and my husband wasn't out to everyone in college; therefore, when my husband and the bride moved in as roommates many of the straight ultimate guys assumed my husband and the bride were dating.  The bride couldn't figure out why her love life slowed down! Several months later when my husband showed up to an Ultimate party event with a boyfriend everyone finally figured it out.  I heard several stories of guys wanting to date the bride, but they couldn't figure out if she was available because of the living situation with my husband.  Remember, my husband has been called "the straightest gay guy" before.  This story made me laugh.

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