Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Explore All Options, Always

In our neighborhood there is a house that was built in 1994, and it has been for sale for months.  I spotted the house, because as the price keeps dropping it's actually at the next rung on our property ladder.  We have spent the past five (plus) years getting our current house into shape; one budgeted project at a time.  And while, I have an endless list of projects, our house is now an extension of us: it's light, bright, interesting, and it's always ready to entertain our friends! But, our current house won't hold the future babies and nannies with room left over for mothers and fathers.

My husband and I went to look at the 1994 house.  It had potential.  We're sitting at 2,800 square feet in our current house, and the 1994 house was at 4,500 square feet, which seems to level plenty of room left over!

However, the 1994 house is well...stuck in 1994:
The house needs a complete and total reboot: new paint, new flooring, new fixtures, new countertops.  New everything, really.  The house is also only a three bedroom house, and we already own a three bedroom house.  After we consider the cost of reworking the 1994 house (excluding the fact that the floor plan doesn't work) owning the 1994 house isn't going to happen.

One thing I really appreciate about my husband is his willingness to explore all options.  He never says no, immediately.  He is always willing to explore any idea I propose, and then together we run through an analysis to establish pros, cons, and overall priorities.  I think it's a healthy way to live.  The key takeaway: Explore all options, always!

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