Monday, October 21, 2013

No more peanut butter? I am not that strong.

Our yoga studio has a visiting nutritionist who's encourage us to change our diets to get the most out of our yoga practices.  So.

I didn't go to the detox class.

I was busy.

However, in the detox class my fellow yogis learned that three foods you shouldn't consume are peanut butter, milk, and yogurt.  What?!  It has to do with the difficulty the human body has with digesting these foods.  In fact, my teacher said that peanut butter, milk, and yogurt are keeping people fat, and we should replace those items with almond butter, almond milk, and supplement tablets.

First of all, I eat those three foods daily.  I eat a lot of peanut butter. I am addicted to my husband, black coffee, and crunchy peanut butter. This is a known fact.

My grandparents were dairy farmers; my father grew up milking cows.  I'm certain my body can easily handle milk.  It's in my DNA.  And I need milk for my cereal.

Yogurt is a lovely treat.

Plus, I'm suspicious that only the almond farmers are wanting us to replace peanut butter with almond butter and milk with almond milk.

However, I am not skinny and the person telling me to stop eating these three foods is skinny.  Maybe I should try to limit these foods?

But peanut butter is so good.  This is hard.


  1. First, you ARE slim and trim. And milk is for your bones. I like almonds, but almond milk, is like you said, a gimmick.
    And Peanut Butter (I prefer smooth) is a gift from the food gods.
    Nuff said.

  2. PS - I eat peanut butter yogurt from Sweet Frog Yogurt
    MAYBE I'll cut that out.
    I thought having yogurt was something that was good for you. I know nutritionist have said that before.