Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bad Neighbor

How could anything that looks like this...
Receive a note that looks like this...
"Your dog has been barking for 1 1/2 hours non-stop.  Can you give us a break and put a stop to this please"

Our next door neighbors are dogless cowards.  In five years this is the fifth unsigned note like this we've received in our mailbox or taped on our front door.  Our neighbors unwillingness to claim the feedback makes me suspicious of their facts.  While I wasn't at home when this was taped to the front door, it's my experience that our dogs only bark when people or trash trucks are in the ally OR if another animal is in the back yard.  They bark with cause, which is a good thing.

This problem would have an easy solution: I could give my neighbor my cell phone to call if she feels our dogs are barking too much.  Real time feedback allows me to manage the situation. However, since the notes are unsigned I'm unwilling to work out an adult solution.  (If you're going to act like a child, then I'm going to treat you like a child.)

Instead, I am keeping my dogs more closely monitored by our dog sitter when we're at work.

Also, I'm planning on building the tallest and most obnoxious side fence between our two houses, which should upset them nicely.  She has a nice big window overlooking our side yard, and I'm going to eliminate her view with an ugly fence.  It's good that I'm not childish, right?