Monday, October 7, 2013

Dressed To Kill

I've worked every single day since we returned from our Argentina adventure.  My husband has been gone almost every single day since we returned from our Argentina adventure.  He has work, his MBA, and now he's entered recruiting season. Since his current employer isn't paying for his MBA, the whole wide world is wide open for him to explore.  (And we need to monetize this MBA because an Ivy League MBA isn't cheap.)

We had two blissful weeks in Argentina where we spent 24/7 together and now we've had two normal weeks where we spent 0/7 together.  We are both focused on the long term goal, because that's what successful people do, right?  They survive the short term pain because the long term pay-off is worth it!

Like I said, my work has been hectic and it's hard when I'm running the household and working while he's out of town.

In recognition of my effort, my husband surprised me with two tickets to Cher's upcoming tour.  Yes, March 26, 2014 we'll be seeing Cher in Dallas.  It was a nice surprise. It will be a fun show.

In the almost decade we've known each other we've seen Prince in Denver, Dolly in Dallas,  The Dixie Chicks in Dallas, Britney in Dallas, Bruce in Dallas, and now Cher in Dallas.  We have a track record of seeing fabulous shows together.

I love doing anything with my husband.


  1. And one of those entertainers is soooo way above the others, but the others are enjoyable shows. Springsteen is just one of kind great. That's not opinion - it's fact! Love you!