Saturday, October 12, 2013

Former Stanley Marcus Home - 10 Nonesuch

My intention of this blog is to keep it very narrowly focused.  With this blog I'm proving that my life with my husband is equal to (not less than) the life you have with your husband/wife.  Our big gay gay life is just like your big gay straight life.  We're just living life in all its gloriousness!

However, sometimes for my own joy I must take a detour.  The home of the late Stanley Marcus  the former CEO of Neiman Marcus is on the market, and it is in my neighborhood.   The home sits on over three acres and is in a gated community.  I, like the other riff raff, usually can only see this house from behind bars of the gate.  As such, I screeched like a little girl when I saw these photos online.  This might be my favorite home, ever!  This house is as cool as I expected.

Dear Husband, do we have $5M in the bank to spend on a house?  If so, I want this house.

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  1. It is beautiful. I wonder why they left the books on the shelves? Thanks for sharing these pictures.