Tuesday, October 8, 2013


 When we were in Argentina, I waited in this line...
To see this...
And to see this...
Seriously.  I waited in line for this?  I don't remember the last time I waited in line for anything, and I waited in line for this?!  

It was part of the MALBA's Kusama exhibit.  Kusama is celebrated as the most important living artist from Japan, and perhaps she did something significant in the 1960's but today it just looks like she did a lot of drugs.  She's on drugs, right?  She has to be on drugs?

My husband enjoys modern art.  I enjoy hyperrealism art.  Modern art rarely speaks to me.  I can paint dots. I can glue shit to a chair.  I can paint an entire canvas in white.  I cannot find the significance in a pattern on oil and canvas.  Is this arts and crafts or is this modern art?  

I don't believe the hype. 

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