Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby Shower

My husband and I only have a handful of gay friends.  Usually we're the one gay couple in our circle of friends; we're homos living in a hetero world.  Lucky for us our friends Adam and Eddie are having twin sons via surrogacy.  This weekend I attended their baby shower while my husband studied for finals.  I was delighted to witness their baby journey.

The twins should be here in less than 8 weeks!

Adam has been very honest about the surrogacy process, and it looks like the total bill (all in) will be north of $120,000 for their two sons.  That's not including any of the nursery items.  That's just the cost of getting them here.

We're investing in my husband right now as he pursues his MBA.  In May 2014 when he graduates we won't have an extra $120,000 in the bank.  Adam wants us to hire their nanny in two years, because they'll send the twins to school at that point.  In order for us to have children before our 35th birthday it looks like we should go the adoption route.

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  1. I love cupcakes - the taste and the cuteness!