Friday, December 14, 2012

Merry Go Go Go!

And we're off and running...This is the last weekend my husband and I have together before his worldly travels begin, and we have Christmas parties Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  Since we'll be apart for two whole weeks I'd rather stay in bed all weekend.  We're too busy living life to indulge in slow relaxing weekends.

During the holiday shopping craziness I stopped to enjoy this window at Nordstrom.  I have to remind myself to stop and live in the moment all the time.  To-do lists are always running through my head.  It wasn't lost on me that this merry go round of shoes caught my eye, because I feel like we're living the merry go round of life.  But aren't we all?  We're always on the go, Go, GO!

I hope you and yours stop and enjoy the moments of the season.  That's my weekend goal.

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