Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beware of the Velociraptors

I knew it would be difficult.  It was.  I knew it would be magical.  It was.  (It was like getting kicked in the nuts and smiling instead of crying.)  Yes, I just survived three days and two nights as the solo caretaker for our nieces.   Our genius, chaotic, silly nieces.    I only lost control of the princesses twice (maybe three times) and then I had to remind myself that I was the boss.  I loved every minute, and I cannot wait for the next opportunity.

Some of the magic:

  • How completely unskilled I was at taking two girls to go potty in a public men's restroom the first time.  Luckily I'm a fast learner.
  • I took the girls to the Perot Museum without purchasing tickets online first.  We paid for parking, walked to the museum, and then got turned down at the door.  They were sold out  of tickets until 7PM.  That was at 10AM. The girls' bedtime is 8PM.
  • Watching Barbie's the Princess and the Popstar movie (twice) with the girls singing along.
  • Teaching Presley how to crack an egg as we baked brownies together.
  • At the food court at The Galleria the two year old had to go potty, but the four year old wasn't finished eating.  I picked the lesser of two evils: we left our food and went potty with the four year old saying she was still hungry all the way to the potty.
  • Me: "Presley, have you tired the couscous I made for you?" Her: "No."  Me: "Why not?" Her: "Because 'couscous' is a funny word."
  • Watching the girls get excited at Costco's double cart.  Apparently my brother and his wife don't Costco?!  (Or they don't take the girls?)
  • Coloring
  • Playing school
  • Protecting the girls from Trigger.  He thinks he needs to attack running, screaming, jumping girls.  Did I mention the girls are always running, screaming, jumping?
  • Playing monster
  • Playing hide and seek
  • Holding Paxten while we watched Disney's Brave
  • Reading books
  • Watching the girls play together.  They are genuine best friends.  Like me and my brother.
  • Negotiating with Presley
  • Hearing them talk about their parents 
  • Having my parents come over for dinner and movie!
I love my girls and the excitement they add to my life.

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  1. Fantastic post. Lucky girls, lucky uncle, lucky parents, lucky grandparents, lucky P&K!
    WE have so much joyfulness/givers in our family!