Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pawn Stars

Readers of this blog know I enjoy The History Channel's Pawn Stars immensely.  It's all about the dynamics of the grandfather, son, grandson, and the unintentionally funny best friend- Chumlee.  (What Betty White was to the Golden Girls, Chumlee is to Pawn Stars.)  I'm a fan of the show- the key word being "show." While we were in Las Vegas we went to the real pawn shop; we waited in line to get into the store, and we walked out with this classy Christmas tree ornament and a t-shirt.

I wish I hadn't visited the shop.  All the Taxi drivers said EVERYONE walks away disappointed.  Apparently those guys make so much money from the success of the show that now they only work at the pawn shop on the days it's being filmed.  If you bring something really cool to the shop, then they'll ask you to come back while they're filming.  It's all produced.  It's not an organic "let's follow these guys around with cameras" and see what we get.  Why is all good reality television a bit scripted?

The shop is much smaller in person too.  In my life I've walked through the television sets of Friends, Dharma and Greg, and Crook & Chase.  (I lived a charmed life, I know) Each time I was startled at how small the sets look in person.  The pawn shop has the same dynamic; it's small when you see it with your own eyes, which was disappointing.

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