Saturday, December 8, 2012

Washington State

I intentionally write this blog to prove 1) our love is equal to (not less than) any other committed hetero couple, 2) the gay stereotypes that saturate our popular culture represent only one street of the gayborhood, and 3) to disarm any fears readers might maintain about queers.  (Don't fear the queer.)

But I know it's easy to fear what you do not understand. As such, I'm writing this blog to introduce you to our average, ordinary, divine life...oh, and we happen to be two gay dudes.

When I saw this photo of two men getting married in Washington state my heart sang with joy and happiness.  Don't you see this one photo proves my point completely?

"One month after Washington State voters approved the state’s marriage equality law in Ref. 74, same-sex couples get marriage licenses for the first time on December 6th, 2012. At around 1:30am, Larry Duncan, 56, left, and Randy Shepherd, 48, from North Bend, Wash. got their marriage license. The two plan to wed on December 9th, the first day it is possible for them to wed in Washington State. They have been together for 11 years."

Life is short.  If we're lucky we get 85+ healthy years on earth.  If we're luckier we find true love in this life.  Why can't I marry the one I love?  What does my marriage have to do with you?   In honor of all future gay individuals that will arrive on this earth in the upcoming decades and centuries I will continue to champion equality for all!  Similarly, we are standing at a better spot today because of all the gay activists that lived before my time.

It is my dream to be able to marry the man I love in the state I love before I die.  Today I'm 32 years old.  Larry and Randy accomplished my dream when they were 56 and 48.  Congratulations men!  I celebrate your love.  Cheers.

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  1. Amen, Darlin!
    I am starting to get optimistic about it.
    That's a great picture, BTW.