Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Our property tax bill arrived from the Dallas County Tax Office; we're going to write a check for $9,188.02 by the end of the year.  I want to take this moment to remind you that just like you my husband and I pay sales taxes, federal income taxes, and state property taxes.  However, unlike you we do not have the freedom to marry the person we love.  We were both born and reared in Texas, and the state flag is proudly flying outside our house.  This is our state.  This is our country.  This is our home.  We are productive, independent members of this great nation, and we're not going to move to another state so we can get married!  We shouldn't have to move from our home.

My brother married the person he loved.  I want equal rights!  Like my brother, my father, my grandfather, I want the right to marry the person I love too.

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  1. How can any argue with that? The only argument still hanging around is a religious one. OK. Those people can believe what they want ----- other than that, they need to leave you alone, just get out of your way and let you live your life with the choices and opportunities they have. And thank goodness, your choices will be different from theirs! Just get out of your way. I boil every time I think about it. LOVE YOU!