Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Year Is It?

Last night, in celebration of my new job, we went to dinner with our friends Dave and Myranda.  I thought Myranda looked really beautiful in her dress and high heels, and I told her so.  She told me that she really loves to wear high heels but she doesn't get the chance very often. I was confused by her statement because Myranda works in the corporate office of a major airline.  The women in my office wear high heels all the time.  I asked what she wears to work.  She told me that she has to dress like a pilgrim at work otherwise she gets sexually harassed by the older men.

WHAT?  It's 2012.

Myranda just turned 26 years old.  She's young and very beautiful on the outside.  She's also smart and very beautiful on the inside.  And yet in order to be taken seriously at work she must dress down?  No dresses.  No high heels.  Otherwise men make inappropriate comments?  Really?!

This makes me mad.  This isn't right.

It reminds me of the few times older men have made inappropriate gay jokes in front of me at work.  It's a terrible feeling.  But, I'm starting my new job on hopefully that won't happen again.

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