Thursday, May 10, 2012


My husband is reading Zach Wahls' new book My Two Moms, and he sent me this quote, which I think is worth sharing...

The because-I-said-so line is occasionally acceptable when the parent- or any other authority figure- has meritorious explanations at other times. By demonstrating a thoughtful decision-making process about what I was and was not allowed to do, my moms built a strong, trusting relationship, making obedience easy.

“Because I said so,” on the other hand, is a poor legal explanation for anything. But, fundamentally, it is a core legal argument beneath the “sanctity of marriage.” Britney Spears’s fifty-five-hour marriage and Kim Kardashian’s seventy-two-day marriage both uphold the “sanctity of marriage,” but my moms’ sixteen-year commitment doesn’t?


Because I said so.


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  1. This writer (and his family) is so impressive.
    Great example of something every one has experienced....