Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boxer Dachshund Mix

This summer Trigger Monkey turns nine years old.  He's the sweetest dog; he curls up next to me and sleeps in our bed when my husband is out of town.   He also likes to bark at strangers and strange noises.   His little personality often makes me laugh.   I love Trigger.

My husband is slowly trying to organize our digital photos and he came across these gems.  Trigger's mother is the 70 pound boxer.  When she went into heat her owners locked her in her pen.  Trigger's father is the neighbor's 12 pound dachshund that got under the fence.  A few weeks later the boxer gave birth to three puppies.  They assumed the pups would look like their mother, the boxer, and so they docked their tails.  But Trigger and his two sisters never grew very tall.  They just grew long.

Our joke:  Trigger's mother is 70 pound boxer.  Trigger's father is the 12 pound dachshund that got under the fence. We don't know how it happened, but we think a chair was involved...

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