Monday, May 7, 2012

Diamonds Are Forever (like our love)

This weekend my husband, my parents and I took a road trip to San Antonio to visit Americus Diamond. It's worth the drive because Americus Diamond has the largest inventory of diamonds in the world.  The goal was to get my mother a new ring, which we did, but while we were there I found my dream ring.  It's a solid ring of diamonds.  (Check out the photo.  I need a larger size, which means I'll need four more diamonds!)  My husband claims that "one day" he'll buy it for me.  Americus Diamond promised to put the description in my file so it'll be easy for my husband to order one day!!!

Now, I might be 80 years old before we can afford it, but still it's the spirit of the message.  My husband wants to get it for me....some day!  That makes me happy.

And if you are anywhere close to San Antonio, then you have to visit Americus Diamond.  The store.  The inventory.  It's spectacular.

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