Friday, March 30, 2012

Epic Dinner

Last night my cousin (and favorite Georgian) invited my aunt, my husband, and me to dinner at 560 by Wolfgang Puck, which is the rotating restaurant in Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas.  We signed up for the seven course chef's special.  Our reservations were for 8:00 PM and we left the restaurant at 11:30 PM.  It was a spectacular dinning event.  We talked non-stop, and the chef sent out seven delicious dishes!

Yesterday also happened to be the day I experienced my one billionth second of life.  A significant event in our household.  They informed the chef, and he sent out a happy birthday scoop of ice cream too.  They kept lighting the candle and letting me make more birthday wishes.  One of my wishes, no doubt, was that we'd get to spend more time with my cousin and her family!

1 comment:

  1. I had a blast, too. How did 11:30pm sneak up on us like that?!

    And, regarding your billionth second birthday wish, surely that's one we can work together to make come true for all of us.