Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Billion Seconds

Last week my husband turned One Billion Seconds old.  My husband who graduated with honors from UT as an electrical engineer (sometimes I like to call him my engi-NERD) wrote a computer program several years ago to calculate when he'd turn 1,000,000,000 seconds old.  He reached that point last Monday.  As such, we hosted a dinner party to celebrate my husband and his first one billion seconds of life!

It was a spectacular event.  We served delicious food and never-ending drinks.  I could not have picked a more interesting group of diverse individuals.  Our dinner guests span an age range from 25-ish to 64-ish.  We had Americans, Africans, Indians, Australians and Russians in our home.  We had small business owners, doctors, architects, lawyers, business professionals, educators, yoga instructors, entertainers, a writer and a meteorologist in our home. We had Republicans, Democrats, Independents, married people, divorced people, single people, straight people and gay people in our home.   It was a nice mix of people, and everyone came because they wanted to honor my husband.

Our family members have told us that they liked our friends, and our friends have told us that they liked our family members.

It was a great party.

It was so much fun we should do it again; therefore, please save-the-date: in less than 31 years and nine months we're having a Two Billion Second party for my husband.

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