Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pear Preserves 2011

This morning I made pear preserves with vanilla beans and organic honey.  I love making blackberry preserves and pear preserves, because I can create concoctions with layers and layers of flavor.   I used a combination of Taylor Gold, organic Bartlett, and local pears.

While we were at Central Market my husband noticed the $22 worth of pears, $8 in vanilla beans, $14 in local raw honey I needed to make preserves.  (Plus I had canning jars and sugar at home.)  He pointed out that we're spending $50 to make Pear preserves, and then he walked over to the jelly aisle and showed me a $5 jar of pear preserves.  He asked if I wanted to buy a jar instead?   When I turned down his offer (pointing out that I don't add any preservatives or pectin to my preserves) he said that he's going to plant me a pear tree so we can at least get free pears.

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