Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mother and Son

I spent Saturday with my parents in Canton, Texas. About mid-afternoon my father went in search of something refreshing to drink, lemonade, while my mother and I stepped into a little art gallery/jewelry store.  It was a small space.  No other customers were inside and so perhaps we felt free to interact with each other openly.  The store was interesting enough that we lingered longer than usual.

When we were checking out the lady behind the cash register introduced herself as the artist.  She also asked my mother if I was her son.  Of course my mother claimed me.  The artist went on to explain that she has a son, Adam, and our interaction reminded her of her interaction with her son.  She said nothing is more special than the relationship of a mother and son.  The artist said she could tell we had a special relationship.

I think my mother started to tear up at this point.  However, the nice artist yelled at her to STOP THAT!  She said my mom can't do that in her store, because if my mom cries then the artist would have to cry too.  They both laughed and the laughter allowed my mother to pull back her tears.

While all this was going on I immediately thought of my uncle, my mother's brother.  Last month my grandmother died.  And with her death my uncle lost the special relationship a mother has with her son.  It made me sad.  If I put myself in my uncle's shoes, then it's frightening to think that I wouldn't be able to call, email, text, or hang out with my mother. 

I love my mom!


  1. Your mom's love for you is bigger than the biggest thing in the whole world, you precious son!

  2. PS - Thanks for starting my day so beautifully. And I need that woman to say, "Stop that!"