Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Two Years of Yoga

I was a fat kid growing up.  (In fourth grade my mom and I enrolled in Weight Watchers together- no joke.)  I grew up.  I played football. I added some strength to my body.  Being fat was no longer an issue for me.  To this day I still pay attention to what I eat.  However, because of my fatness as a kid, I was chased out of my body at an early age.  I was never fully present in my own body.  (That might be something only fat people can understand.)  While I look nothing like the guy in this photo, I am approaching my second year anniversary of practicing Bikram Yoga, and I have learned to love the practice for the way it makes me feel afterwards.

It's also trained me to be fully present in my own body, which is a tremendous gift.  Being present is essential to happiness.  Think: "stop and smell the roses."

I'm so glad my husband introduced me to yoga.

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