Thursday, March 22, 2012

Car Show

Last night Dave, Myranda, and I met up at the Dallas Auto Show.  It's worth every penny of the $12 to park and $11 admission fee.  We looked at and sat in all the current and future automobiles.  I've decided that I'm a Toyota guy; I still really enjoy my 4Runner.  If I could afford anything, then I'd drive the Toyota Land Cruiser or the Infiniti QX56.  I also like the Toyota Sequoia, Lexus GX, Mercedes ML350. and the Overland edition of the Jeep Grand Cherokee

One key takeaway is that cars are expensive!  I've never owned a new car, and I might never own a new car since they seem to all start at $45,000!

And after a night of sitting in interesting and expensive cars I was happy to drive my 2004 Toyota 4Runner home.  Happiness is wanting what you already have, right?

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