Monday, March 5, 2012

Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams

If you missed the CBS Sunday Morning's segment on Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, then watch it here.  I had no idea they started Faith In America, whose goal is to end religious based bigotry in America.

I appreciate the goodness these two men are adding to the world.  Now, I really want to buy the Kingston white leather chair for our office.  I should support their goodness with my gay bucks!  (Do you think that logic will work on my husband?)  I really like that chair.

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  1. Glad you saw the piece on Sunday Morning. I love "Faith In America." When i was in the running for Oprah's Big Give you had to pick a charity to support, and that was mine. I've gotten to know Mitchell Gold a bit, and he's an amazing person...and we have two of their end tables in our living room and LOVE them.