Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Are All the Same

Wow.  I just finished watching Part 1 and 2 of  Oprah's America's Hidden Culture.  It was an incredible two hour exploration of Brooklyn's Hasidic Jewish community.  It's obvious that Hasidic Jews are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Their culture is all about a shared set of Godly values.  It was remarkable.

You know what else is remarkable?  It became crystal clear to me that the two gay guys living life in all its glorious in Dallas, Texas have a lot in common with the Hasidic Jewish family living in Brooklyn, New York.  I too care deeply about my family, friends, and community.  I too hope my family, friends, and community leave this earth better than they found it.  I too have a loving, committed, partnership with my spouse.

I was surprised when Oprah asked "what if" they had a child that was different; what if you had a gay child?  The women couldn't even answer the question because it was so unspeakable?  However, after a bit of awkwardness, one mother said if her child was different, then she would love them the same.  

This show reminded me of one of the great lessons in life (the lesson I'm trying to communicate in this blog) that at our core all people have more in common than not in common.

So why do we focus so much time on our differences?

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