Tuesday, February 21, 2012

High Times

One of our newest friends is leaving Dallas and moving to Hawaii.  As a goodbye gift, we wanted to take him out to dinner one last time.  We drove to the house he's been living at and sent him a text that we were in the driveway.  We waited a few moments before our friend came outside.  He came outside, opened our car door, sat inside our car, and as soon as he shut the door our entire car smelled like marijuana.   My husband and I looked at each other.  And I giggled a little bit as I pointed a air vent to my nose.

For dinner our friend wanted to try Pappadeaux Seadfood Kitchen, because one of his ex girlfriends always talked about that place and he'd never tried it.

It was a happening night at Pappadeaux.  Our friend ordered the special appetizers of almost two pounds of the crawfish boil.  He also ordered the special entree of grilled Costa Rican mahi-mahi topped with lobster and avocados. For dessert he ordered chocolate fudge cake with ice cream and a glass of milk.  He had my leftovers boxed up, because he wanted to take them home!

It was like the man hadn't eaten all year.  It was fun to watch, expensive to pay for, but he made the night more interesting!  I highly recommend taking one of your friends out to dinner to an expensive restaurant, while they're high- it's funny!

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