Sunday, March 15, 2015

Babies and Puppies

If we surround our children with beautiful things, then they will act in a beautiful way?

We're slowly transitioning a bedroom into a nursery for future baby(ies).  Technically, we're not buying nursery furnishings until we're pregnant, which if all goes well will be July 2015.  However, I was able to get my husband to green light this purchase; it's a large scale print on canvas of Slim Aarons' so very, very celebrated Poolside Gossip.  I want to live in this photograph of 1970 Palm Springs!

I was inspired years ago by this nursery, which was in Fort Worth, Texas.

I've been planning our nursery for years, yes.  I've also been planning to act on my husband's decade long rule: "no more dogs than people" in our household.  When we add more people I will be able to add more dogs!

This weekend we discovered Dooley's half brother Kliff...

 ...fathered this bunch of puppies:

And one little boy is (as of this moment) available for adoption.  Oh, wouldn't it be lovely to scoop him up in a few weeks and have him trained by the time our baby(ies) arrive in one year?  Clearly this is a logical approach?  It's called planning.

Although, my husband and I are still discussing the pros and cons of the situation.  It's not every day you get the chance to bring home one of Dooley's nephews, right?  Honestly, my husband has enforced the "no more dogs than people" rule in our marriage for almost a decade in hopes that once children arrived I'd forget about more puppies.  That's ridiculous.  My husband knows me; I am not practical.  My husband is extremely practical.

Now that my husband understands my position; we're in a bit of a puppy negotiation.

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