Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Greatest Time

I love living in a cul-de-sac.  There's such a sense of community among our 11 houses.  Tonight while I was taking Trigger and Dooley on a walk I stopped to chat with our next door neighbor in her front lawn.  She's in her seventies and her husband is older and in a wheelchair since he had a stroke.  For some reason we started talking about children.  She was talking about her wonderful two adult children, and she said they bring her so much joy and happiness especially during their elderly health scares.  She asked if we planned to have kids?

I updated her on our surrogacy plan: hope to be pregnant by July and baby(ies) in Q1 2016.  She was delighted by the news.  She looked at me with misty eyes and said, "you know I wish I could start all over and do it again.  Having children and raising them in your home is the greatest time.  Those were the best years."

I went on with our walk - Dooley and Trigger were pulling me away - and I thought about her words, her wisdom the entire walk.  It's always good to be reminded to enjoy the moment.  Enjoy the now.  Be present in all things, because this could be the best years of your life!

And it's interesting to know that my husband and I still have "the greatest time" ahead of us!