Sunday, March 1, 2015

Three Cakes and a Pie

We like to celebrate my husband's birth...among friends and with cake and pie.  Last weekend my husband celebrated his 35th (one week early) and my grandfather's 85th (one week late), and at the dinner celebration my parents gave my husband a Nothing Bundt Cake cake.  Yum.

Friday night, on the eve of my husband's birthday I picked up a white chocolate and almond honey cake from Whole Foods.  (The Dallas ice storm closed Sprinkles early, and the cupcake ATM machine was out of order) (#firstworldproblems)

And last night, on my husband's actual birthday, his parents hosted a lovely steak dinner celebrating three birthdays!  My husband's aunt Kathy and uncle John drove up from Houston especially for the event; we toasted my husband's birthday, my husband's father's birthday, and one of my husband's mother's BFF's birthday.

My husband's mother baked a family birthday tradition of "Granny's chocolate cake" (it's a chocolate sheet cake with crazy amounts of icing and tons of Mexican vanilla), and she also baked a butterscotch pie with homemade crust!

The takeaway is that we're fat and happy and yoga is going to be tough today with all that sweetness running through our veins.  That's okay, it was worth it.  And I can assume the guys in yoga with 6 packs don't have parents and husbands that love them enough to celebrate births with three cakes and a pie.

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  1. A butterscotch pie? I don't think I have ever had one but that sound delicious! Yum!