Sunday, March 22, 2015

La Jolla Weekend Wedding

It was a wedding weekend in La Jolla, California for us.  Our two friends Adam and Eddie have worked a completely different timeline than us.  They had babies (2013), they they got legally married (2015), and then this weekend they had a spectacular wedding (2015).  We did the opposite series of events: wedding (2006), legally married (2013), and hopefully babies (2016).

California beaches seem to have an endless supply of attractive people.  Everyone is fit, tan, and enjoying life!  The setting made the whole weekend so much fun.  And it also made me wonder - why don't we live in California?!

Our hotel had beach views with a balcony.  The nights were cool and breezy; it's a dream to sleep with the door open and ocean breeze cooling you all night.  We made the most of our time and on Saturday we toured Balboa Park and Coronado Island.

Adam and Eddie were extremely generous and they hired drivers for their guest to be shuttled from the hotel, to the beach for the wedding, and then to the reception location down the beach.

Our driver was confidently clueless ("there's only one way to get there") and his wrong route made us late to the wedding.  All the cars that left the hotel after us beat us to the event.  We eventually jumped out of our car and hustled along the beach towards the wedding bowl.  We made it in time to see the exchanging of vows at least!  Nothing like a little drama.

Congratulations Adam and Eddie.  We love you.

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