Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Box Gave It Away

Even though we have security cameras, my movement of this box from the front porch into the house went undetected by my husband.  Good.  I was trying to fly under the radar, because my husband wants me to wait until we're pregnant BEFORE I begin to decorate the nursery.  He's so logical.  That's no fun.

Decorating comes from passion.  It's not logical.  I saw a painting on Etsy. I thought it would look lovely in our nursery.  So I purchased it and timed the shipping to arrive while my husband was away on business.  Mwhahaha.

I did not think this through.  I hid the painting upstairs, but my husband found the box stacked for recycling in the garage.  Busted.  I was in the shower when my husband walked into the bathroom carrying the boxes and asking about their contents.  I took him upstairs...

To the alley: