Monday, February 23, 2015

Grandmother's Mixer

This month my grandfather decided he needed kitchen counter space more than he needed a stand mixer.   My aunt suggested he see if I wanted the mixer before he donated it.   I did.  My parents gave us a KitchenAid mixer as a wedding present - it's such an important kitchen appliance; the mixer is a real workhorse.  I don't need two, but I like having my grandmother's mixer in my home.

A few years before she died my grandmother's stainless steel Sunbeam mixer stopped working - it had a 50(ish) year run before it went kaput.   She replaced it with this mixer.  Perhaps I can get 50 years out of this one?

My husband and I make fun of our current kitchen.  The tile, the walls, the cabinets, the countertops, the backsplash, and the appliances are all beige.  Now we have a beige mixer to complete the monochromatic environment; the previous owners would be so jealous. The beige KitchenAid actually makes me smile when I see it out, but my husband has already informed me that the mixer cannot live out on the countertop.

I will think of my grandmother when I'm using it.  I like that.

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